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Hello, my name is Gilbert Gray, you can find me at https://self-helpdiychannel.com . This is my review on the Done For You Hero.

To make this a super great offer I have included some awesome bonuses for you.

Bonus 1; A hack to  get 3 High Quality Traffic sources a $427.95 value by Jono Armstrong.

Bonus 2; How to sell your Done For You Websites on Fiverrer, A value of $46.95 by Jono Armstrong.

Bonus 3; Fuego breakout can be used to as a strategy to get traffic and make money too. A value of, $344.95 by Jono Armstrong.

Bonus 4; Bonus Tutorial, use this IG Bot to get Free Traffic to your DFY Hero Pages. A $267 value by Jono Armstrong.

Bonus 5; Bonus Tutorial A special bonus Take Action  Today! A $197 value by Jono Armstrong

Also all access to the vendors Bonuses.

What they are offering :

Summary of DFY HERO , websites,sales Page,Squeeze Pages, Ecm Stores and Blogs

As we can see in the picture below are the prices for the front end which has three options for you to choose from. Opt 1 is $21.95 for the 20 DFY websites, opt 2 deluxe is $47.00 100 websites. OTO 1 is $47.00 and is the agency start-up kit with full training. OTO2 is $17.00 dollars a month which gives you and option Opt.2 is $97.00 a year renewing every year, or opt 3 $197.00 lifetime will add 10 extra templates to your members are now plus ten more a month. OTO3 DFY Hero Resellers License can sell Hero as your own product. This gives you four options to buy FE at #21.95, otos  At $97, $147, $197, $297. One can always start with the basic plan and grow into the other upgrades as your business grows. With all of the OTOs’ You do not need hosting or a website either, and during the launch cycle they have coupons too.

DFY Hero Prices
Members traing videos

One last thought, below here is a screen shot of the members area, As you can see they have plenty of good training and at a very high quality too.

What you get the up graded version you will have so many things that you can do with this software and by the way it is based on SaaS platform too. I cannot recommend this product enough so go and use the green links to get your copy of the DFY Hero. This is very newbie friendly as well as for the more advanced marketers too. Now you do not have any excuses of not building a solid and good business online.

 When you have made your payment to get the DFY Hero, Send a copy of the receipt to me at; gil@self-helpdiychannel.com and I will send you a link to get the all of the extra bonuses by Jono Armstrong.

Thank you for watching my review DFY Hero review.

For more information on what we are offering can be found here.


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