Review of My Back Pain Coach

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After my accident and while I was in a huge amount of low back pain, all I could think of was I going to be able to eally go out for walks again! But my back pain coack has changed all of that for me now.
Did you get your ride while in Pain? Did you suffer from low back pain?

If you are or have any problems with back pain then you should pay attention to what I am about to tell you. My name is Gilbert Gray, I have suffered from back pain now for a good 9 years. Yes, I am very familiar with the shooting sciatica pain down BOTH of my legs, thankfully only one leg at a time. Back in 2010, I fell while on my job as a truck driver at work. They call it a trip and fall accident, wow I did not know at that time what can happen to the human body by falling down to the ground, well a concrete slab! I threw out all five of my lumbar discs and I had to have one disc removed at c5/6, neck. plus they repaired my shoulder too. I have the MRIs to show you if you desire to see them. To make a long story short Now it is 2019 and I have been using the “My Back Pain Coach”. I ran across their ad on the internet and read it, why because I was in PAIN! When sciatica joins in then there is even more PAIN. I read in their ad that a lot of people were seeing relief in as little as 15 minutes or so. I said wow is this too good to be true? You see I am a bit of a skeptic. After sleeping on what I had read about their program I said I will try it out and see for myself if this works or not! So I purchased the product and I watched all of there videos and finally I got to the core videos where they talk about the exercises, 8 of them. So I downloaded the videos so I could watch and listen to them while I was doing the exercises.

I realize that I am a bit overweight and out of shape, so here I am doing these exercises now. Wow, I really found out how out of shape I am. But moving along here I was nearing the end of all 8 of the exercises, and I noticed that my lower back had a lot of warmth to it so I was done and I sat down in my office chair and now that I have cooled down a bit, I had to tell all of you what has happened and what I am feeling now. Remember where I told you that I was a bit of a skeptic? Now after doing the exercises My low back pain is all but gone! Let me tell you another part of what has happened to me after doing the exercises. When I was getting started my feet felt like lumps attached to my legs, yes frozen lumps! And, I had little to no feeling down both of my legs! Now after doing these exercises they seemed to have calmed down a lot and I believe that I can start to have feeling back into my legs too! Yes, my legs have improved too. I know that many of you are reading this and saying oh he is just trying to sell this product, you would be wrong! Why, the benefits are the most important thing to me, yes benefits!

After my accident, I felt like I was less of a man and more importantly I felt like I would never get back to see the mountains that I love so much! My back pain was so bad that I thought I wanted to die

I want each and everyone reading this post that I truly had an accident back in 2010 and it ENDED my driving/working career! You see good old workers’ compensation of California came to me back in 2013 and TOLD me I was going to retire and that medicare would cover me for the rest of my life! So fast forward to today, I am telling you that this system of exercises really does work and it does it very fast. I am glad you asked me if I will continue the exercises? The short answer is YES I will continue them, as I see them in controlling the pain who knows maybe even the pain will be gone forever, I can hope for this but I will come back and enter another post as to how I am doing later on about how long the pain has stayed away.

Now that you have read this post to here and if you still need more info all I can say is try it out for your self and I believe that you will be satisfied with the benefit of having your pain gone if not gone really reduced. So try it out and see, go here to get more info and see their sale page.

Have you been missing this? Yes, to know more about the program and to learn more about how to reduce or stop the low back pain go here now.


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