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Voiceover: The timber Whisperer is sponsored via Powermatic, the gold normal considering 1921. And with the aid of Clear Vue Cyclones. Clear the air, and breathe convenient. (upbeat jazz song) Marc: Welcome to the 2013 wood employees fighting cancer occasion. Now we have now been doing this for roughly three years, and since the opening, now we have raised close to 25,000 greenbacks for quite a lot of cancer charities comprise the American cancer Society and Livestrong. Now this year, we’re working with melanoma Care.

It’s an organization that is dedicated to helping sufferers and the family of sufferers get via this very very intricate time. Whether it’s help with co will pay, transportation, just effectively support businesses, which is at all times useful. Alright, so we feel it can be an extraordinarily precious group. Now, if you want to donate immediately, you can do that at woodworkersfightingcancer.Com and the link will take you immediately to the donation web page, on cancer Care’s website. But what I particularly hope you do, of direction direct donations are first-rate but the point of this video is we’ll do matters just a little bit differently. We will construct a venture collectively, and if you are making that assignment and ship me a photograph of it, I’ll donate 5 dollars myself to cancer Care. We even have company sponsors who are matching that donation, so in case you construct this assignment, now not most effective will I donate five bucks, but you have got a bunch of distinct firms each donating 5 bucks and this is how we’re going to reach our goal of 10,000 greenbacks again this 12 months. 10,000 is a first-rate round quantity, however we have now completed it prior to now and I do know we can do it once more.

Alright, so let’s appear on the project so you’ll find precisely what we’re going to build. It’s now not that complicated, it took me a couple of day and a half of to do. All proper, it can be a kid’s artwork easel. Let’s take a seem. This easel is so cool, I desire I had one when I used to be a kid. Actually, I will call my mother and make her believe responsible that I didn’t. Now we now have received a chalk board face on this part, there may be a dry erase marker face on the opposite part, and within the core we can store a roll of paper, and the paper just comes up over the aspect and goes beneath these cleats and they keep it great and tight to the skin.

We have bought a tray for storage, you’ve gotten received one on every facet, and this whole tray unit comes off. We will unscrew it, raise it up off of there, after which this A frame collapses, so if we have to store this factor flat, we are able to try this as good. Al proper now this isn’t my design, that are surely a wood journal plan, and thanks to the men and women at wooden for donating the plan for our purposes for the charity construct, and if you want to buy wood for this venture, you could actually purchase kits from Bell wooded area merchandise.

Now this is the cool thing. For every kit that they promote, they’re donating ten bucks. So in case you suppose about your private have an effect on a charity event like this, 5 greenbacks per company sponsor, five bucks from me after which ten bucks from Bell wooded area merchandise in the event you get the kit from them, that’s a tremendous have an impact on for an individual to make in a charity event, and all you have to do is build this factor. And that you may supply it to your youngsters, that you could supply it to a neighbor’s kid, there are people who wish to public sale off these charity builds, then they use the money they get from the public sale to donate to the reason.

So, quite a few ways you would go about it, the bottom line is each person can help in their own means. All correct, so let me show you the substances, the hardware and the tools that you’re going to just make this challenge. (guitar tune) materials include 4 legs four rails two cleats two tray sides 4 tray fronts and backs a chalk board panel a dry erase panel a section of quarter inch plywood for the tray bottoms and a 3-quarter inch diameter dowel rod.

Hardware involves four quarter 20 threaded inserts and four inches and 1 / 4 long decorative bolts four number eight one inch long screws, one quantity eight inch and a quarter lengthy screw, two strap hinges, and eight washers. Tooling entails a three eights inch rabbeting bit and a quarter inch roundover bit a three quarter inch Forstner bit, a dado stack, and a desk saw to run that stack. Flames are non-compulsory. All of my stock is ribbed to width at the table noticed and reduce to the appropriate size on the miter saw. Utilizing a discontinue makes it possible for me to make repetitive cuts without difficulty. With the dado stack established, we are able to begin chopping the dados into lengths. A small stop block offers me the reference for the first move, and the fence helps me locate the final pass. A test match with probably the most rails lets me know that I’ve the correct settings. All four high dados can now be reduce utilizing this special set up. The diminish Dado used to be cut the specified identical way, best with the fence set at 26 and a quarter inches.

Now we have to cut an extensive rabbet at the ends of the rails. Where each and every rail meet the lengths, we’ve a high-quality half lap joint. The backside of each and every leg points a bevel cut at 18 levels. We’ll make that cut at the miter noticed. Every leg then receives 1 / 4 inches round over on the prime. Due to the fact this is finish grain, it is an excellent idea to take mild passes initially. The rails also receive a roundover, primarily the highest edge of the backside rails, and the backside fringe of the highest rails. Now with the legs bunched up in pairs and then each pair clamped collectively, we can measure 26 and three quarters down from the highest for a threaded insert gap. The hole dimension relies on the threaded insert that you use, however preserve in mind if you’re using hardwood, you might need to drill a much broader hole to avert cracking. Be certain you experiment with this in scrap first. The insert is then tapped into the gap, except it can be flush with the surface. The frame can now be glued collectively. Long clamps aid shut up the shoulders, at the same time small F type clamps press the half of laps collectively.

After the glue dries, I use the rabbeting bit to create a three eights inch wide rabbet. The depth of that rabbet is ready to compare my chalk board and white board panel thickness. Now we will take a size and width size from the frame and reduce our panels to size. The corners of the rabbet are rounded, so the panel corners need to be rounded as well. A template makes this process very correct. Now that’s a great fit. Now I supply the frames an excellent sanding, being careful to interrupt all sharp edges and corners. And now we are able to work on the tray. At the desk noticed, we reduce a rabbet into the ends of the tray aspects, followed with the aid of a half-inch dado just throughout the rabbet. The tray fronts and backs need a groove for the bottom panels and that to reduce these on the table noticed with my general blade installed. By using making two passes, I can get the special width I need for my panels.

With the tray frame dry assembled, I can get a unique measurement for my backside panels. The panels are then cut to measurement. Before assembly, the tray sides want just a few extra holes. Quarter inch via holes are drilled for the bolts that hold the tray to the easel. Detect that I’m making use of a sacrificial backer to support restrict tear out. Now some of the side pieces will get 1 / 4 inch deep holes utilizing the three quarter inch Forstner bit. The opposite part gets the same hole, most effective this hole will get elongated with the chisel, growing an open ended slot. Now all the tray pieces are sanded utterly. Meeting of the tray unit is beautiful straight ahead. I take advantage of a clamp at every joint and once clamped up, verify the unit for square. The cleats are then pre-drilled and counter sunk at each end. They then acquire a roundover on all four front edges. The conclude I’m using is a straightforward wiping varnish. I follow the first coat with a foam brush, letting it soak in.

After which wiping off the excess with a clean rag. Watch out, to not get the conclude on the within of the rabbet. The tray also gets a pleasant coat of varnish. After the first coat dries, the outside is sanded frivolously with 500 grit paper, and a 2d coat of finish is applied with a rag. Observe as many coats as you wish to have except you’ve got the favored look and level of protection. The hinges are super effortless to put in, with the two frames butted up in opposition to each and every other. Utilizing a self-centering bit, I drill pilot holes and then drive the screws. The 2 portions will have to now be equipped to hold effortlessly, and we will set up the panels. A bit glue within the rabbet and a few clamping strain must do the trick. While that glue dries, I create a small turn button out of some scrap inventory.

A pre-drilled countersunk gap allows for us to connect it to the tray’s facet with a one and a quarter inch screw. Proper over that slotted gap. This may hinder the dowel rod from unintentionally popping out. Now, to put this thing together, position the tray on its face on a piece surface, and slide the folded easel into location. Do not knock it over. In this position, it is pretty convenient to locate and force the bolts. The cleats are actually located, pre-drilled, after which connected with one-inch screws and two washers. The washers provide just adequate house for paper to move by way of. Good, not bad for a day and a half worth of labor, and actually anything like this it simply gives you the warm and fuzzies. To be competent to make something that has an have an impact on in different humans’s lives, especially folks who are affected by whatever as horrible as melanoma. So it just makes me suppose good to be competent to do this, in particular when I see these pictures rolling in of these tasks, I know that we’re particularly making a change as a group.

Now to send me your snap shots, just go to our mission submission page on the timber Whisperer website online, and you’ll be able to be competent to send me an image. Now we relatively most effective need one per man or woman, despite the fact that you construct multiple easels, simply send me a picture of one, or a snapshot of the multiples together. All right, but that only counts as one entry. And we’ll see how we do. We’re aiming for 10,000 greenbacks and a relatively hope we get there. So I simply want to thank the individuals at wood magazine for providing the plan, Bell woodland products for delivering the kits, after which of course the entire individual builders and donors. Thank you so much for joining us for wooden workers combating melanoma 2013. Right now I will take this inside of. My little man is slightly bit small for something like this.

It seems like each 12 months I build anything within the charity that is somewhat bit too early for him. I believe he ultimately now can use the rocking horse I constructed him two years ago. Okay, however we are going to take it within nonetheless, and spot what we are able to do with it. (melodic whistling) Nicole: Whoo! Just right job! Mateo: Yay! (melodic whistling).

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