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Here is what you maybe putting up with your lower back pain. This lady is telling it as she was living it! But now there is a solution to this problem but you must be willing to do the excerises that is in this program. If you are the type of a person who will not do any excerises then please don’t buy our program okay? I know what you are going thru now for I was like this lady taking pill after pill, to only dull the pain, but now by usine my back pain coach I have gottten so much relief that I can not begin to tell you how happy that I am now for you see my leggs are coming back to life again, in other words I can or do have feeling in them again. My feet felt like lumps attached to my legs, cold and numb! Now I have gotten my feeling back into my feet and the pains that I had are just about gone again. If you want more information please go here to get more info.

Please keep reading so that you can see if you and she are in about the same boat okay?

Interviewer: Hello, ma’am. What’s your name? Kathleen: Kathleen Hare. Interviewer: Kathleen, all right. Here we are. It’s May 22, 2013. Mrs. Hare, when you came into Arkansas Spinal Care, how bad was your pain? Kathleen: On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 10-plus. Interviewer: Yes, ma’am. Tell me how it was affecting your life. Kathleen: I’d gotten to where I couldn’t do anything. The usual hobbies I had, I had to give up. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. It all hurt. Interviewer: Would you describe the pain that you were feeling? Kathleen: It was a pressure type pain, and it was very severe, and it would start and go across my back and down my right leg.

It was steadily getting worse and worse. I guess in a vice, almost. It was bad pressure. Interviewer: What had your other doctors tried, and what had they told you? Kathleen: The first thing I was being told was to get off my feet, put my feet up, and not to do anything and it would going away. They would give me medications that half the time kept me sleepy, uneven. The orthopedic doctors I had talked to, since I had move to Arkansas, had said that they saw no relief. I had had a surgical procedure where they wouldn’t even try and put needles into my back, that they couldn’t even get the needles in. The MRI that I had made, every doctor that looked at it just couldn’t believe that I was still walking. If it hadn’t been for my determination, I wouldn’t have been.

I was using an electric scooter most to the time to get around, and I had been doing that even in part of my professional life, because if I didn’t, then the pain would be too bad. And I did not like taking the painkillers, so I would stay off my feet. So, I wasn’t doing anything. If it hadn’t been for my husband, nothing would get done around the house or anywhere else. I’ve had to make sure that he could cook, wash, and sew because that’s what had to be done and I couldn’t do it anymore. There were days when I just didn’t want to get out of bed. Interviewer: When you came in here, what was the point you were at in your life? What were you thinking when you came in here? Kathleen: I was thinking that if this didn’t relieve pain, there wasn’t going to be anything. I even had some thoughts of ending it all, helping to put me out of my misery and everyone else out of theirs.

But this was my last resort. Interviewer: Yes, ma’am. I’ve heard that so many times through the years. Kathleen: I had been been told that I was inoperable. I said, “Okay, what else can happen?” and nobody had the solution. I had seen ads on TV with Dr. Curry, and I felt like if anybody can do anything, maybe he can, because I was really worried. And I wasn’t sure even when I came in here; I wasn’t certain. But after the first treatment, I noticed a difference and I started feeling more and more relief. I realized I can stand up on my own and it doesn’t hurt, and I can move around now and it doesn’t hurt.

So I’ve got all the faith in the world in him now. Interviewer: Thank you. Now let me ask you this: you said you were a 10 when you came in, a 10-plus, on the pain scale. As we sit here right now today, where are you on that pain scale? Kathleen: I’m a 0. It sounds funny to say that, but I don’t have any pain at all. Now, once in a while, I might move a certain way and I feel a little twinge [SP], but even just sitting, I was having pain, and I don’t have any of it now. Interviewer: Awesome. Would you mind sharing with me and the viewers here the amount of meds you were on when you came in, compared to what it is now? Kathleen: I was on 7.5 milligram Hydrocodone, and I was backing it up with Advils, just anything I could take....

I was taking a sleep aid to help me sleep at night or I couldn’t even make it through the night. Many a nights I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to get something to take to finish getting a decent sleep. I had several nights I went without sleep because of the pain. But I was basically on the Hydrocodone, and I didn’t like to take it because I felt that it affected my whole personality.

I didn’t want to be on anything that could be habit forming or anything like that. We had tried Oxycodone, we had tried several of the big narcotics. And for years, when Demerol was available, I was taking it all the time until I finally put my foot down and said I can’t be addicted to this either. It was ridiculous how much painkillers. I would get up in the morning and start off with a painkiller, and then I finished the evening with one too.

After a while, it looked like even it wasn’t working. This is to the point I was right now with the Hydrocodone. I felt like it’s dulling it a little bit, but the pain and all was still there. I could feel it in my hips, down my leg, bad. And I started feeling like my legs were giving out. And I said, “Oh great. Is the Hydrocodone causing that? Am I robbing Peter to pay Paul or what?” That’s basically where the medications…I was afraid. I was scared that that was the end of it for me. Interviewer: As we’re talking right here, right now today, how much medicine are you taking for your pain, or your problem, right now? Or to go to sleep at night? Kathleen: I am taking a Tylenol PM at night, when I need it.

And some nights now, I don’t even need anything. I quit the Hydrocodone. That was after a couple of days, or a couple of treatments. I haven’t even been taking the Advils. I tried an aspirin to see if that would help, and it worked, but then I got to thinking, “That’s no better than the Advil or anything else.” So I decided to see, and all of a sudden I realized I could go without anything. The only reason I was taking the sleep aid when I needed it was I was afraid to go to sleep without it.

Interviewer: Something that’s really exciting, that we just talked about today when you came in for your visit, through the first part of your care here, you’ve been using a walker and you also illustrated that you used a power chair for many years. What are we talking about today, that you’re moving into now through the course of this coming weekend? Kathleen: I’d like to start using just a cane.

I have done that in the past but it had gotten so bad that I couldn’t use the cane. I was having to use a walker. But I’m tired of using the walker, and I find I’m picking it up and lifting it and carrying it with me as more of a nuisance than anything else. Interviewer: I love it. That is so awesome. So your confidence, at this point, is to where you feel like you can start walking with a cane? Kathleen: Yes, I do.

Interviewer: Very good..



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