Welcome to the future food crisis.

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Hello my name is Gilbert Gray, call me grandpa. Here lately I have been hearing a lot about the food crisis largely from the COVID 19 causing major interruptions in our food supply chain. So how can we make sure that we have enough food to feed us and our families so that we can eat and survive on? Will they be able to get things turned around so that we will not run out of food? What will you do if it gets worse?

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I have a possible solution to this problem; we can get back to our roots and start growing our own vegetables. Here is the best part; it takes very little space to set up this system. You are probably asking right now just how can I do this? Really when you think about this system it is ingenious.  If you have an old fish tank lying around your house, you have it made already, you see this is the heart of this system, you grow fish and they, in turn, feed your vegetables and the vegetables give the fish clean water to swim in. This is a very condensed version of the Aquaponics system. This has given you the simple basics of a great Aquaponics system, now go and get a lot more facts, and start building your system today at


PS; Now you can grow your own vegetables all organically and with no chemicals added to them.

PSS; Once you have your system up and running you can always make the system larger to fit your needs, start small and make bigger.


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