Metal Roofing In The Caribbean: Hurricanes, Aluminum, Standing Seam

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– in these days on the metal Roofing Channel, we speak about metal roofing within the Caribbean Islands. (rhythmic beats) What’s up, guys? I’m Thad Barnette from Sheffield Metals. Welcome to the metal Roofing Channel and welcome to our first island model, Q&A Monday. What’s up, guys? I’ve acquired Adam Mazzella, Tom Southerland with me right here at present. How are you guys doing? – Doing nice! – Yeah! – We’re sitting on Grand Cayman Island, Seven Mile seashores, it is a horny satisfactory day outside. Assess out in the description, we’ve got obtained rapid hyperlinks for all of the questions we’re going to be speaking about today. So, guys, first, let’s talk about the background of metallic roofing in the Cayman Islands. Tell me slightly bit about what the standing seam market’s like, what metal roofing market’s like. – I suppose it specifically began off same here as being a Galvalume, galvanized market, metal market, and plenty of corrugated and ag product and panels, and wasn’t real sophisticated. As far as the standing seam market went for years down right here.

– you realize, I think pre-Ivan, it was once a horny various market in terms of product types. You’d have plenty of asphalt shingles, tile roofs, and then Tom alluded to the metallic roof piece but there wasn’t a variety of standardization, following of codes or something like that. – And that was once 2004 when storm Ivan came by means of. – Yeah. And then when hurricane Ivan got here through in 2004, I think men and women once they got here and cleaned up from the storm, they particularly noticed what made it by means of the storm. And that used to be standing seam steel roofs. And so, as the island kinda developed over the last decade in a half or so since the storm, a variety of what they’ve put on are engineered metallic roof programs and more certainly, quite a few aluminum standing seam, engineered standing seam metallic roof systems. – talk to me via the difference between aluminum and Galvalume. Why was that switch made to aluminum? – especially when you consider that of the reduce facet that you get. Salt water atmosphere like this, it simply wreaks havoc on any type of steel or galvanized, any style of raw edges. That they had predominantly began with a switch from Galvalume, galvanized product to a .032 aluminum.

And as the constructing codes obtained more stringent, then most of the product down here is now .040 standing seam. While you acquired off the aircraft, and head down the island, it’s just extra special has a lot standing seam you see on this island. It’s all over the place. Where it can be now not, it’s being knocked down and changed with standing seam. – Yeah, and we’ve been talking to numerous costumers on this commute, they usually have been pronouncing that in some areas, at specified times of the yr, that you may go up to a roof, put your hand on it, after which you’ll get that salty residue that comes from that salt spray seeing that, yeah, this island will not be that massive, you already know, the salt water is developing, so yeah it is a massive aspect in an area like this. – a couple of our costumers have been talking about how a lot salt is really within the air. I mean, you are here, most men and women are coming for the trip. You recognize, you don’t realize it or suppose it, you simply know it’s hot, you are going to kick your toes up, and experience yourself on vacation.

That you may particularly discover the change between a few of these roofs that weren’t established too long ago that had been both Galvalume or galvanized versus the aluminum roofs which have been established quite considering the fact that Ivan. The aluminum fairly does make a tremendous change in the sturdiness of the roof methods down right here. – something else down here too is that the Kynar method holds up so significantly better in this atmosphere down right here. We now have obvious some siliconized polyester, or some polyester, and it fades in a hurry. And the sun, and the wind, and the salt, it simply wreaked havoc on the paint system. – Yeah, speak me a by way of a little bit about performance of standing seam steel roofing. Why is standing seam, exceptionally, why is that type of method used more often? – I think that is the type of a continuation of what we’re speaking with using aluminum versus metal on these methods. I imply, that reasons into the efficiency and the toughness of the procedure, however, relatively, when you are speaking efficiency, you’re speaking about island nations which might be taking direct hits, or close direct hits, from tremendous climate hobbies, i.E.

Hurricanes, tropical storms, matters like that on a somewhat typical foundation. It could occur a couple of times a yr, it would no longer occur for 5 years, but I feel, you already know, one of the vital matters that you need to be certain that men and women recollect is that your roof is what takes care of the whole lot inside your apartment. So, should you’ve got an engineered standing seam steel roof procedure, that may maintain up to quite a lot of these colossal climate activities.

I think a variety of the codes down listed below are being equipped to maintain winds upward of a hundred and fifty miles per hour and on up. So, you realize, whilst you seem at efficiency, it’s quite pushed by means of being on this costal environment, being capable to be participating in these salt corrosive environments, as well as the occasional abilities large wind event that you’re going to have. Or now not simply wind, but wind and using rain, debris flying everywhere.

That is a colossal consideration as well. – after which, down right here within the Caymans where we’re at, they have got adopted building codes down right here which can be stringent as Miami-Dade and the Florida coasts. A lot of the islands nonetheless don’t do this, however Cayman island, they are doing it correct down right here. – Let’s talk about add-ons for a second. It looks like in the final decade, mainly on account that Ivan, a variety of installers have realized the need for ice and water project in their approach. Speak me by means of that. – well, you realize, it’s relatively just having an ice and water look after, that it’s now not, when you think about ice and water to preserve, you consider about cold weather environments and things like that.

However, really, what they’re looking for is whatever that’s going to, in essence, seal the deck. That’s going to support with weatherability, that means water penetration, water intrusion, more than your typical automatically connected underlayment. However, past that, it is usually going to help with uplifts on the grounds that, in essence, it is sealing that deck, and you’re minimizing the stress that might come by means of that deck in a climate occasion. Using ice and water shields by means of a lot of these metal programs is of first-rate value. Other matters of importance are, an engineered steel roof process isn’t just, “Oh, I would like this metallic roof panel.” You gotta be certain you’re making use of the right accessories.

Exact to this atmosphere, you are going to want stainless steel clip screws, stainless-steel clips. You’re going to want to make certain that you are not creating a lot of unnecessary penetrations, and then, using the correct matters to flash, whether or not it’s gasket head fasteners or rivets. Making certain you’re utilizing the appropriate matters that don’t seem to be going to fail as a byproduct of being in this environment. – exactly, you want that complete process. – yes, exactly. – Tom, speak to me about roll forming. What do humans use on the island? Do they use transportable roll formers? Do they get panels shipped in? And, why do they do it? – good, it is a whole lot more economical to ship coils all the way down to the island, then it’s formed panels.

When you’re shipping formed panels, you’re transport numerous air, and plenty of bulk, and it is very pricey to bring that form of product in. That you may convey in a coil and it takes up little or no area on a container the place you can mix all of your your whole add-ons, and underlayment, and the whole lot and in one container as a substitute than having multiple containers ship down in your for your whole metal wishes. – Yeah. – Yeah, Tom really hit the nail on the head, however quite a few times when you are shipping from the U.S., it can be all about quantity, or density of that quantity. So, if you’re shipping coil, we will still help you by way of delivery that coil. A contractor, a brand, controlling that manufacturing on the island, which means we will give you access to the engineering and help you on that aspect at the same time nonetheless making it extra efficient, you recognize, for your atmosphere within the islands.

– And you don’t have to worry about hazardous a panel and having to attend eight weeks to get an alternative panel kind the States. – The island has moved toward aluminum. Speak to me about the thickness of aluminum. The place was it, and where is it going now? – So, this also kinda, to pile on the efficiency piece, most likely the thicker the metallic, the larger it is going to participate in, or the simpler the panel is going to participate in an uplift test. When the island was kinda recovering out of Ivan, first they started with .032 aluminum, and now, they’re trending more towards .040 aluminum.

You’re going to get higher uplifts, larger uplifts utilizing that. It is going to be more inflexible, it’s going to perform somewhat bit higher. And, we now have aluminum engineering in .032 and .040. So, you probably have a product that, for illustration, we’ve proven in .032, making use of .040, the engineering would still be applicable since it goes up. Now, when you’ve got anything validated in .040, you can’t go down in thickness, so just maintain that in intellect. That you could normally use a thicker metal, but you cannot go thinner on the metal on the subject of the engineering.

– correct. And, I want to provide huge props to the installers right here on Grand Cayman. You had been saying previous that we’re rather seeing the correct matters. They’re doing all matters right with standing seam, utilizing aluminum, high exceptional paint procedure. Inform me a bit of bit about that and the high-quality of installation down right here. – definitely beautiful. As a rule, when you are riding round, you’re going to see roofs that have set up issues, or appears to find it irresistible maybe thrown together via someone that did not know exactly what they were doing or failed to care. Every roof on this island that I’ve visible is solely, it appeared ideal. – Yeah, I agree. And there may be so standing seam that, you understand, that quantity with the exquisite installation and all of the way round.

Tremendous props to their Grand Cayman installers. – And, they did a first-rate job. We’re speaking the equal language, “what’s up, what are you doing along with your Zs.? “Are you doing something like starter cleat, “or are you doing any CZs?” things like that, and he kinda mentioned, “No, those details do not fairly perform “in these excessive wind areas.” So, customarily you’ll start to look folks using, you realize, details considering that they should not have cold climate, they do not need ice and water, and all that enjoyable stuff. And, they believe like they can cheat a bit. These guys are still utilizing our important points by using the publication, normal metal roof installation approaches which might be enforced by means of us and a quantity of our opponents.

– exactly. And, when you ever get a risk to get all the way down to the Cayman Islands, come to assess it out, there’s some brilliant attractions to see down right here. Good, thanks so much for becoming a member of me at present guys on this island variation. We’re going to kick our ft up right here, however comment below when you’ve got any questions. Subscribe to The metal Roofing Channel. Whatever else, determine us out at SheffieldMetals.Com, and we’ll seize you next time. (rhythmic beats).

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