Do you have any of the following pains, low back pain, back pain, Sciatica, leg pain?

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When you have low back pain you will need one of these!

Hello, I am Gilbert Gray. In my daily life, I have all of the mentioned aches and pains. Yes, they are very bothersome and really get in the way of my doing things in order to just get by. Do I have your attention now? Yes, you say, good for everything that I have just told you is very true but I wish that it wasn’t true. When I was still working as an over the road truck driver, I fell one night at the start of my day, I really did not think too much about it, until the next morning, but luckily I had reported it before they told me to go home and IF I needed any medical help I should go to the hospital on my own!

Wow, oh wow when I woke up after not sleeping very good that night I was sore and bruised all over, everywhere that I touched was sore. So I did the right thing, I went to a clinic that my company told me to go and see the doctor there. I went and when the doctor was examining me he was asking me all sorts of questions, when he finally looked at me and said, you know I am going to have to x-ray you from head to toe! So we/he proceeded on to the place to get the x-rays and wow did it take a long time to do the x-rays. This started my adventure of a lifetime going to doctors and having procedures done. All at the expense of the workers’ compensation. Anyway, that was back in 2010 when this all started and as a result of that trip and fall accident I have had one disc removed and the vertebrae fused together, my shoulder was operated on, and I had a whale of a shinner for a long time. After a few years of this, in 2013, they finally said you are not going to get any better and you are of retirement age so that is what you will do, RETIRE! With five discs out in my lower back! So this brings me to today now, 2019 and still taking medications for pain and for that horrible pain that shoots down your legs form the Sciatica nerve! Wow-what a pleasurable experience, NOT! So I tell you this so as you will know that I know what back pain really is after nine years of living with this pain. And yes I feel very sorry for anyone who has to go through this torture daily.

Screaming in low back pain!

You know there is hope for us here and now, I want to introduce you to Ian Hart. he has devoted the last ten years of his life helping people like you and me to have a little better life and he has tried to help us get the relief that we need and so dearly want at this point in our lives. Now he has developed a program where we can start relieving your own back pain in the next 30 minutes. Really in as little time as fifteen minutes into the program, you are feeling a whole lot better, or at least the pain is greatly reduced. I know that by now you really want to learn more so why not go and watch a video as to what he has to offer and if you like what is said in that video then you can go to the sales page to get a lot more info and purchase the program, Okay? Follow this like to the first video and then you can go to the second presentation for a lot more information, okay? So get more info here, and it is free so not to worry, no credit card needed here. I wanted to thank you for reading this long post.

Let’s hope for this type of ending, free from pain.


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